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Andrew Copeland International has been providing property insurance in France for over 35 years. In that time we have developed our property insurance to protect your building and the contents against all of the issues you would expect and many more that may not immediately come to mind when considering the insurance you need for your property in France.

Every country in Europe has its own tax regime, and France is no different. All of our French property insurance quotes however include all French property taxes, which we pay on your behalf, so this is something you don’t have to worry about.

The French property insurance we provide has been designed to take into account the nature of property ownership in France and the differing ways in which those properties are used and occupied.

Whether the French property to be insured is your main residence, your dream French holiday home on the coast or a second home in the rural heart of France. Our insurance for properties in France will cover the building and/or contents against all of the major risks and issues you would expect including fire, flood, subsidence etc, but also has some additional areas of protection that you might not expect to find included without extra cost, for instance, your holiday home in France may well have a swimming pool or solar panels. These are also covered as standard in our property insurance France policy. Accidental damage cover for your windows and window frames, ceramic hobs and your bathroom sanitary ware, electrical equipment etc. are all included in your policy without increasing premiums.

Our property insurance for France also allows you to sub-let to tenants without losing any of your French property insurance cover, but our protection goes further, should a major claim occur your French property will be insured against the loss of rental income. Should you need to cancel any pre booked holidays we will reimburse you for the lost income. Of course not everybody with a holiday home in France rents out the property when they are not using it themselves. Your property insurance in France remains in place even if the building is unoccupied for long periods.

Whilst we refer to this cover as “property insurance France” and it is true that many aspects of the protection relate to buildings and contents insurance in France, but this insurance covers much more than just the physical property and contents. Public liability insurance is already included as is accidental injury insurance for any domestic staff you might employ, to clean the property between holiday renters for instance. Another valuable inclusion in our French property insurance is emergency travel cover. In the unfortunate event of a large insurance claim at the property that needs your personal attention, your property insurance will pay for two return air tickets and if you are not able to stay in the property, will also cover accommodation costs.

If this is the first time you are insuring a property in France or you are buying your property with a mortgage arranged with a French lender, you may feel that the lender or even the mortgage broker is almost insisting that you buy your French property insurance from them or a company they recommend. As in the UK you are free to choose any property insurer you wish and it is prudent to look closely at what is included in the property insurance being offered. All of our property insurance France documents are written in clear English.

We are confident that we have designed an insurance package for properties in France that will meet the needs of the vast majority of French property owners. We have kept our premiums low with a standard policy excess of only £50* whilst still offering a complete and comprehensive French property insurance plan. However, should there be a concern or issue that is particular to your property or circumstances, we can give expert opinion on those aspects and advise on a solution that ensures you have the property insurance in place that satisfies all of your general and specific requirements.

You can view or download our standard property insurance France policy here.

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The property insurance we provide is underwritten by Lloyds of London * £2,500 subsidence, £2,500 earthquake (subject to location).

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